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I arched up again and played with my big tits a little more, pinching my nipples between my fingers, leaning up to him so he could kiss them, and taste his pre-cum on my skin. I felt his mouth devour each tit, sucking the soft flesh right into his mouth, Gosh it felt so good. I wanted him to just lay me down and fuck my tits til he shot all over me.... and I told him so! 'Mmm,' I purred 'why don't he flip me over on my back and straddle my stomach?' He did just that. The sight of him looming over me was overpowering, he looked so masculine and big, and as he sat on my stomach I felt his dick throbbing against my chest 'Mmm, that's it' I told him 'Put that big hard cock between my tits' I placed my hands on either side of them, squishing his cock in so snugly. He began to thrust... slowly at first, his hands on either side of my head, watching every thrust he made as his dark head thrust out from between my pale mounds. . Then he got quicker and quicker, until I started to feel his warm moisture touching my neck. God, I was so hot, I couldn't wait for him to shoot all over me. He was so close... I was breathing so heavily...'God, cum all over me,' I begged 'shoot your cream all over my titties ... ohhh, I want it. I want your cream all over me.' He put his hands on either side of my head and thrust so hard as he came, letting out a long cry- sending a load of thick, hot, creamy white jizz cascading over my titties, up my chest and over my neck. Barely was it shooting up my chest when he was struggling up over me- and drips of his thick white spunk were plopping hotly onto my chin and my cheeks, into my open mouth as I took his full head in, sucking his spunk so hungrily. God it tasted so fucking good, I sucked every last drop as his fingers smeared his thick cream all over my face. He soon stopped pressuring me to fuck him, and instead always wanted to relive that night. And I can hardly blame him. I love it!


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